The Process

What makes a great franchisee?

We are looking for candidates that share a passion for customer service and operations excellence. Our most successful franchisees demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Prior management experience, preferably in food service or retail
  • Proven organizational skills and ability to recruit and build a team
  • Full-time commitment to the business or a designated, certified manager who is responsible for day to day operations
  • Interest in local store marketing and community involvement
  • Financial savvy and business acumen

You will need liquid assets of $65,000-$165,000 and a net worth of
$150,000-$750,000 over and above the value of your primary residence.

Step 1. The Application

The next step is to complete our preliminary questionnaire which provides us with some basic information about your background, your financials and your expectations to assess whether your plans match ours. You can apply online by clicking the “Inquire Now” tab or apply directly by calling 1-866-PACIUGO (722-4846). The sooner you get started, the sooner we can get to know each other a little better! Qualified candidates will receive a copy of our most current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which is the most accurate and updated source of information about franchising with Paciugo.

Step 2. “Experiencing Paciugo”

Once we’ve established that our goals are aligned, you will be invited to meet with us at our support center in Dallas, Texas. You will meet members of our management team, have the opportunity to make and taste gelato and get an overview of how our organization supports your efforts to build the brand. We will give you an understanding of each key function including marketing, development, supply chain and operations. We will take the opportunity to review the FDD and answer any questions you may have about the franchise agreement and the obligations that come with joining our family. Most importantly, you will get to work a shift at one of our company owned locations so that you can truly experience Paciugo in action.

Step 3. Approval

If both parties are comfortable moving forward, you will receive our approval to join the Paciugo family and a non-site specific Franchise Agreement for review and signature. Once you return it to us signed along with the franchise fee, you are ready to take the first big steps towards your grand opening.

Step 4. Site Selection and Acquisition

Our real estate team will work with you to provide consultation and assistance regarding site selection, working with real estate brokers and landlords, and tips on leasing or purchasing a location.

Step 5. Restaurant Planning

You will have access to the “Paciugo Turnkey,” which is an online tool that guides you through the sequence of activities necessary to arrive at the grand opening. Such activities include, but are not limited to, marketing, construction, supply chain management, staffing and training your team and general project management. Our designated architects will work with you to produce the plans necessary to turn your space into a Paciugo Gelato Caffè.

Step 6. Initial Training

We will provide you and/or your designated store manager with “System Standards,” “Store Manager” and an initial training program that will consist of both classroom and in-store learning over a period of approximately two weeks. Attendance and successful completion of the initial training program which is offered at our support center in Dallas, Texas, is mandatory. We will provide training materials and instructors; you will be responsible for all other out-of-pocket expenses.

Step 7. Grand Opening

Our marketing team will help you develop a marketing plan for your initial opening period and your grand opening. Our operations and training team will be on-site to ensure your opening is professionally managed and your guests are delighted!