working-paciugo-01The story of Paciugo begins with the Ginatta family in Italy. Grandpa Giovanni taught Cristiana the proper way to make gelato. Fueled by that first love of gelato, Cristiana attended culinary school focusing on the art of traditional gelato making. She then perfected her skills in one of the finest family run gelaterias in Turin, Italy.

ourstory-photoUgo Ginatta, on the other hand, has had a passion for coffee for nearly half a century. As a young man he owned and operated a coffee plantation on the high plains of Thika in Kenya. Most mornings were spent with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, watching the sunrise over rows of Arabica Bourbon Coffee trees.

Paciugo Store FrontWhat could be more of a perfect match: authentic Italian gelato and hand selected espresso blends and roasts! In 1997 Cristiana, Ugo and his son Vincent moved to Dallas, Texas on a mission to introduce America to the wonderful flavors of Italy. That mission was, and still is, Paciugo!