Paciugo Locations

We are actively seeking single- and multi-unit developers willing to own and operate franchises ranging in size from one store to multi-store networks. We are very flexible and creative when it comes to space management and we have formats that range from 120-1400 square feet!

Typically our Paciugo Gelato Caffès fall into the following categories:

Gelato Caffè  $241,700  to $455,000  including franchise fee
Kiosk: $101,500 to $163,500 including franchise fee

Gelato Caffè
Traditional Retail


Gelato Caffè
Mall In-Line

Paciugo Mall In-line


Gelato Caffè Mall Kiosks

Paciugo Mall Kiosk

Gelato Caffè Pronto! Mall Kiosks

Paciugo Gelato Caffè Pronto!’s modest footprint and utility needs, reduced unit production costs, and nimble ability to operate in temporary and permanent sites, provides the ideal platform to bring our legendary and unsurpassed gelato to the nation.

Criteria is as follows:

  • 10’ X 12’ or 10’ X 15’
  • 220 v, 3 phase, 50-80 amps
  • 150sf dry storage, 110v 50 amp
  • No plumbing necessary, unit self-contained (Subject to Health Department Approval)
  • Menu will feature Gelato, Sorbet, pastries, hot and cold beverages
  • Can operate under either permanent lease or temporary license agreement
  • Location requirements: because we are both impulse and primarily dessert, we need locations in immediate area of well positioned food courts and/or highly visible highly trafficked areas.

Paciugo Pronto Kiosk